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REPMAN desk now manages aircraft repairs at GOAL

SOFT Aviation welcomes GOAL as launching customer for its newly developed product REPMAN desk.
REPMAN desk is an all-encompassing software application for managing structural damage and repairs in aircraft.

Logging a new defect, registering the evolution of a repair and archiving the accomplishment documents can now easily be logged and tracked from a computer terminal with internet access using REPMAN desk. Designed as a stand-alone system with the ability to easy integrate into existing software, REPMAN desk works smoothly with GOAL’s digital archive for technical documentation m/archive.

Using REPMAN desk, GOAL as a lessor and asset manager can now unambiguously localize and assess aircraft repairs through the entire aircraft life cycle using a dedicated and scalable aircraft graphical model. Different level of access can easily be given to an operator or MRO to update the defects/repairs, thus improving and maintaining the asset’s value.

Christoph Peppel, Technical Director at GOAL says:
REPMAN desk will give us a complete picture about structural defects or repairs of any aircraft in our portfolio. Availability of REPMAN desk all over the world is a great benefit for GOAL and will give us the possibility to have access to repair and damage data anytime during our aircraft inspections. Furthermore, REPMAN desk will make aircraft transfers much easier for GOAL as structural defect documentation can be provided to our customers even before delivery inspection of an aircraft. Due to integration of REPMAN desk into our digital archive for technical documentation, GOAL is able to provide a single software interface for all historical aircraft data to our customers.” 

About GOAL:
GOAL is a joint venture backed by KGAL (KGAL GmbH & Co. KG), one of the top players in the world of structured asset finance and investment participation, and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, one of the world’s premier carriers. GOAL owns and manages more than 40 aircraft in its portfolio.
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About SOFT Aviation:
Soft Aviation is a German privately owned company founded to provide robust and state of the art IT solutions for the aviation sector. Customers benefit from the profound knowledge from decades of experience in software development, together with a deep expertise in technical aspects of aviation.
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