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Managing Structural Repairs with REPAIR MAP

Damage and repairs of aircraft structure are intrinsic to operation. Keeping track of damage and repairs is indispensable but most documentation exists in paper form and is stored in multiple locations. This lack of all-encompassing, easily accessible documentation means that data cannot easily be shared within the airline, MRO or with a lessor, slowing down aircraft operations and transfers.

This is where REPAIR MAP steps in. REPAIR MAP is a secure web-based application with a sophisticated graphical interface to track any aircraft damage or repair - anytime, anywhere.

With REPAIR MAP logging a new defect, registering the evolution of a repair or archiving the accomplishment documents is all done from a computer terminal or tablet.

Understanding and meeting the needs of the airline, MRO or lessor with a powerful software is what REPAIR MAP is all about. REPAIR MAP can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated into M&E systems, enterprise content management system or dedicated digital archives.

REPAIR MAP is available as desk top solution as well as mobile variant.

With REPAIR MAP you improve:


  • All-encompassing monitoring of any repairs including supporting documents and images
  • Unambiguous repair localization through a dedicated and scalable aircraft model
  • Easy aircraft transfer / phase in & out

Data Availability

  • REPAIR MAP is a web application
  • Easy access through a secured internet connection
  • No client software required
  • Support of computers and mobile devices (smart phone and tablets)

Ease of Work

  • Fast and efficient data entry
  • Integration in existing IT infrastructure like M&E, ECM software or dedicated digital archives
  • Wide range in customizing aircraft model and meta report data

Cost savings

  • No investment required REPAIR MAP is offered on an application service providing basis


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